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In Control Driving for cheap driving lessons Yeovil

The cost of tuition is £22 per hour for any of the following:

  Learner-driver tuition - for all new drivers. Cheap driving lessons Yeovil

  Parent /Guardian tuition - to know what's required before taking sons or daughters out for lessons.

  Refresher courses - for drivers who haven't driven for a while or who feel they might have got a bit rusty.

 Pass Plus courses - for newly qualified drivers who want to develop their abilities past the basic test

  Semi-intensive courses - for people in a hurry to pass their test!

  Extended test tuition - for people who may have previously lost their licence.

Special offer!!

  Introduce a friend or colleague (or anyone else) for a course of lessons and the cost of your subsequent
     lessons drops to £21 per hour.
  Introduce two new people and the cost to you drops to £20 per hour

  That's a saving of up to £40 for a set of ten 2 hour lessons, £80 for twenty lessons!



Call me to book a lesson!

01935 507724